About Us

Aloha, and welcome to NifTee Nation! We invite you to join us on our mission to spread love, kindness, understanding and positive vibes not only during a pandemic, or crisis, but during each day of our lives where it becomes a natural instinct to be a better human being. Our tee-shirts and meaningful creations are specifically designed to encourage, inspire and remind us that we're all on this earth together with one life to live, so let's be thankful that we can still "breathe" when we wake up each morning and have the opportunity to serve others of all backgrounds, including our loved ones.  A better home, community, workplace, and a better world begins with you and me.  We all have different experiences and backgrounds, but there are many more things that we as a human race have in common.  Having grown up in Hawaii I experienced a culture that emanates the "aloha spirit", which is a philosophy where one emotes love and is caring and understanding of our fellow human beings because it's the right thing to do.  It's a valuable gift that has always been ingrained in my soul and something that I've shared throughout my life in subtle ways by just being kind and loving people of all races and backgrounds. Imagine if the world would have the aloha spirit and how much better it would be. 

I challenge you to to reach inside yourself and find the aloha spirit within you and share that philosophy with others you encounter.  Together, let's work at making "love" the pandemic that we never want to find a cure for and eliminate the ugliness of hatred of any type.

Mahalo (thank you) for your time and please always pay it forward with the "aloha spirit".

With warmest aloha,

Nettie of NifTee Nation